Now we have to worry about our neighbor’s finances

This article by Liz Pulliam Weston, entitled Foreclosure Nearby?  It’s your problem, brings up the “friendly fire” aspect of foreclosures:  a foreclosure nearby hurts everyone in the neighborhood, not just the personl foreclosed on. A neighbor who’s in financial trouble probably is worried about their house, but it’s almost certain that they’re not worried about […]

HUD tips for avoiding foreclosure: Part 2

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development has some good advice for people that are in danger of losing their home through foreclosure. I talked a little about the first three HUD tips here.  Here are some more tips from that list, with some discussion. Know your mortgage rights. “Find your loan documents and […]

Stripped for copper

Abandoned houses attract a lot of things: partying teenagers, mice, rocks through the windows, the elements. Now, with the houses rotting away in varying states in the foreclosure process, these houses are now attracting black-market commodities dealers.  The houses are broken into and stripped of their copper pipes and wires.  Copper has quintupled in price […]