Steps to take if you’re facing foreclosure, Part 3

Here’s the last installment of Liz Pulliam Weston’s tips for dealing with the possibility of foreclosure: Offer a deed in lieu of foreclosure. This is an option if the shortfall between your house’s value and what’s owed on it isn’t too much.  The lender can say, “Yeah, I’ll take the deed back, and you won’t […]

Steps to take if you’re facing foreclosure, Part 1

Liz Pulliam Weston wrote recently on steps to take if you’re facing foreclosure.  There are smart ways to go about it, and not-so-smart ways.  Here are her first three suggestions with some of my comments: Make a budget.  If there are places that can be cut in your budget that will make the difference between […]

Recognizing the signs of a family facing foreclosure

Free Money Finance recently had an acquaintance of his go into foreclosure, and the signs of trouble were clear in retrospect. People don’t advertise that they’re facing foreclosure, at least not outwardly.  Even if money is getting really tight, people can compartmentalize the worry when they’re interacting with others.  One family I know had a […]

Virulent foreclosure side effects

Foreclosures are making people sick.  Literally.  It’s possible that there is a link between the West Nile virus and foreclosed properties, particularly properties with swimming pools that become standing water once abandoned and provide a home to lots of mosquitoes. Falling property values in neighborhoods with abandoned houses makes sense.  Increased crime due to vandalism […]

Hey, at least you can get a free drink

Capitalism at its finest. Restaurants are feeling the pain with $4 gas and tightening pursestrings, so they’re sharing the pain by offering “recession specials” — slightly cheaper offerings to help strapped clients enjoy some of the finer things. These deals aren’t really that great compared to cooking in but it’s better than no discount at […]