My workplace is turning into an MLS

Maybe yours is too.

Over the past few years I’ve seen people occasionally posting a place for rent or sale.  Usually not too often.  For the past couple of weeks, I’m greeted each day with four advertisements for property.  Three of them are looking for renters.

It might be just that lots of people have vacancies now, or it could be that the owners are in a pinch, have moved, and need to stop the bleeding because they can’t sell.  One way to stop the bleeding is to rent the house out.

I think there will be more need for rentals as people lose their homes to foreclosure.  They’ll need to live somewhere.  But renters can move.  They can find good deals.  They don’t have to settle for above-market rent just because the owner needs to charge them that to stay afloat themselves.

Workplace MLS is a cheap way to sell real estate.  Maybe it’s all people can afford to do?

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  1. Renters have to be careful right now. It is prudent to make sure the property you are renting isn’t in foreclosure — or at least so far gone that you’ll be evicted and lose your security deposit. This is not only a good time for renters but also for those who are savvy and can make deals with owners. The key is to remain calm despite all f the economic turmoil and remember you can recover and do better during this climate. I would recommend that everyone listen to Andre Taylor’s new audiobook, “You Can Still Win!” for a dose of motivation during tough times. Downloaded from iTunes.

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