Should every old person expect to stay in their house?

In many ways the story of a 103-year-old saved from eviction is heartwarming.  Deputies and movers in Atlanta, GA, couldn’t go through with tossing a 103-year-old woman and her 83-year-old daughter on the streets after her home of 53 years was foreclosed on.

Kudos to the folks sent to do the unpleasant task for not being heartless.  That would have broken my heart, too.

It might set a precedent, or it might not.  Probably not.  It’s a dangerous precedent to set.  There are an awful lot of people behind on their mortgages, and some of them are bound to be very old.  Charity and business are not one and the same thing.  Businesses shouldn’t be prevented from being charitable, but on the other hand they shouldn’t be forced to, either.

Nor should they be shamed into doing so, either.  Business is business.  It’s far too easy to gang up on banks for being heartless.  Shouldn’t adults be held responsible for their actions, lack of planning, whatever?  Shouldn’t older people be wiser as well?

I’m glad Ms. Hall and her daughter can stay in their house for the moment.  Banks shouldn’t be forced to let them, though.

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